World of V Genesis NFT Collection & Tokenomics

The $WoV token is the foundation of World of Vs community-driven ecosystem that will enable holders to access several features and perks. It is meant to serve as a multi-purpose token rewarding early supporters of the project and create true value for our community.

$WoV token was generated at the minting event by the World of V cards, and now produce $WoV daily at various rates.

There are two main categories of WoV Cards:

Genesis 2021 Cards and the Special Cards.

Genesis 2021 Cards collection consists of a total of 10,000 NFT: 50 sets of 200 unique cards celebrating the VeFam journey around the world (1 for each country). Genesis 2021 cards were minted during the presale event for the price of 800 $VET each, all on a first come, first serve basis.

Each Genesis Card generates 10 WoV per day by simply holding them in your wallet. Genesis cards can be purchased on:

The WoV tokens generated can be claimed at any time from your profile dashboard and used to purchase NFTs on Along with the 10k Genesis Cards, there are also the Genesis Special Cards, additional cards that provide specific advantages for the holders within the ecosystem, first and foremost additional daily WoV generation and increased WoV generation in staking pools.

Cards generate $WoV for 10 years after the date of initial mint.

Special Cards 

Special Card like Gold, Platinum and X-Node were distributed at the minting event and can only be acquired on the secondary market now. Other Special Cards can be claimed by completing a Mini-Set. *Example of Special Card additional generation: Genesis —> 10 WoV daily Special Gold (lev.1) —> 20 WoV daily Special Platinum (lev.2) —> 30 WoV daily Special X-node (lev.3) —> 50 WoV daily

Levels for Special Cards range from 1 to 9, with an increasing generation rate based on the level.

*Example of Special Card additional generation:

Genesis —> 10 WoV daily Special

Gold (lev.1) —> 20 WoV daily Special

Platinum (lev.2) —> 30 WoV daily Special

X-node (lev.3) —> 50 WoV daily Special

Whale (lev. 9) —> 500 WoV daily Special

As of 5/25/2021 Special Cards Incldue

  • OG
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Voyager
  • X-Node
  • Moon
  • Africa
  • Olympic
  • Flower
  • Whale (Collector’s Card)

Initial Special Cards

During mint, buyers were rewarded the following for minting certain quantities.

– For every 25 Genesis 2021 Cards, collector will receive a Gold Card. 
– For every 50 Genesis 2021 Cards, collector will receive 1 Platinum Card and 2 Gold Cards

For a limited amount of time, X-Node owners could claim a special X-Node card
– X-Node cards are Special Cards reserved to the X-Node Community that can only be claimed by X-Node owners.

– The Collector’s Card, Whale Card, is the most exclusive Special Card that will be awarded to whomever completes the set of 200 Genesis 2021 cards. A total of 50 Collector Cards will be available.

Each card will guarantee a different token generation & distribution based on the card level, allowing holders to collect WoV tokens that will be used for different purposes within the ecosystem.

$WoV Token Utility — Fueling the NFT Ecosystem

A fee of 3% will be applied to each sale using $VET, of which 0.5% will be used to buy back $WoV and burn it. $WOV token can be used for each sale, with a fee of 0%.

Implemented to reward WoV token holders using the tokens generated on a daily basis by the NFTs.

The initial supply for the WoV token consists of 40,320,000 WoV tokens. As seen above, in roughly 7 months the supply has doubled to 82M. 60% of the supply will be allocated for the community, 20% to the team, while the remaining 20% will be primarily used for Marketing purposes and Partners/Advisors.

The Future supply will be determined by the impact of Liquidity Pool, Staking Pool and the Lottery Jackpot Injection. 

You will see below that you can view the current total supply within the staking option.

WoV token: the backbone of the ecosystem

At the core of World of V lies the WoV token, the native token of the ecosystem, serving multiple purposes and creating value for the holders. As a primary function, it can be utilized as a medium of exchange to buy and sell NFTs, along with the VET token.

WoV Token can be generated by acquiring any of the Genesis 2021 special NFTs or can be bought by exchanging VET for it on Vexchange.

At this moment, the platform won’t charge any fees to the artists for sales made with WoV. Along with this, the WoV token will have additional utility, such as providing liquidity on Vexchange, participating in staking pools, lotteries, and more. World of V is constantly looking to expand and improve the utility of our token.

Purchase WoV

VeChange makes it super easy to exchange your tokens into WoV. It’s pretty self explanatory.


Stacking website

At the top of the page you will see the different pools available. The more difficult the requirements, the higher the APY%.

Currently, Seashell has no req. while you can see the shark pool requires 18 Special Cards and 10 Genesis and 2 Trophies. Trophies are obtained by being in the top for $VET spent within a week period.

For the shark pool, once you all green check marks, claim your ticket and below there you may stake as much or as little.

You may enter at any time (min. 1k WoV) and leave at anytime without penalty.

Visit WoV Staking Pools

Project Staking

Community projects may now use WoV for their staking pools to distribute to Stake NFTs in their collections.

There are multiple ways a project can fund their pool, this launched 5/24. Fun times ahead.

Genesis Marketplace dApp Overview (soon to change)

Let’s go through the tabs.


All Time

The leader board keeps track of the total score of your collected Genesis card, which includes the extra bonus you gain for collecting multiple cards with mint number 1,2,3,4,5 & 50. Below you’ll see the multiplier for qty. held.

A cards score can be found on the bottom left when clicking on the card. The total of these numbers for all your cards determines your All Time score and position in the leaderboard.

There’s an added bonus though, a multiplier.

Holding multiple copies of the same mint #, for certain numbers, gives you a multiplier effect.

Here are the multipliers for the number of copies you own for the mentioned Mint #s.

#1-5; #50
# of copiesmultiplier

Multiplier Example

You own 11 cards and their base score equals 3340.

11 is higher than 7 but less than 15, you have a multiplier of 3.

3340 * 3 = 10020 Total Score

# Cards ScoreTotal

If I had to guess, the average card score is 300. Rank 1 are usually, or always, the highest. they have an average of 8-1000. If for instance you were to collect 3 of rank 2, (two usually is higher than 300) you will be very close up to the rank of #1 without paying the typical premium for the mint number.

Again, stick to your strategy.


Weekly scoreis calculated each week based on amount spent within marketplace, top 3 win trophies. So far trophies have only been required to join a staking pool one time.


List of all countries. Check it out. Click on a country and get an overview of all the 50 genesis card. If they’re listed, price, and if they’ve been claimed.

When you click on Sweden, this is what you see


Click on a card or cards you’re interested and down below the available cards for sale will be displayed.

The WoV generation, floor price in wov/vet, and more information about each card sets can be found here.

Keeping Track of Mini-Set Completion Progression

Within the “Manage Assets

Clean/Dirty Cards

While all Genesis Cards produce 10 $WoV per day, each edition can only be used once in order to claim a special card. After click on a card in the marketplace, in the bottom left corner, if a card has been claimed for any of the special cards, you will see something like the above image.

For instance: If this were China and you bought it, you would not be able to use this China card when trying to claim the Collectors Card (Set). You would need to obtain a different variation.

Some cards, like Russia, China, United States, can currently be used to claim 3 special cards (Moon, Olympics, Collectors) so it’s important to come up with a strategy that you believe will work best for your goals within set.

Claiming Special Cards – Mini Sets

Once you have collected all the clean cards within a set, go to your ‘Assets Overview’ scroll down to the Genesis section, select the mini-set and click the. “Claim your Special Card”

Wait 1-7 days and then happy WoV generation.

Special Cards & Mini Sets

Mini Sets consist of selected countries characterized by unique features that differentiate them from the rest of Genesis 2021 cards: historical achievements, geographical features, artistic traits, you name it. Each completed mini set will reward the collector with a Special Card, with different levels, initial distributions and daily generation attributes.

What is a Mini-set?

Mini Sets consist of select Genesis Cards characterised by rare features. By completing a mini-set, you’ll receive a Special Card that will generate an additional amount of daily WoV tokens based on the card’s level. There can only be 50 Special Cards for each Mini Set: if you seek to complete a set, make sure the Genesis card you want to purchase on the market wasn’t already used to claim that specific mini-set by checking the “already used for” section in the card panel.

Collectors Card (Whale Card)

The Collectors Card by Jenni Pasanen

the most valuable Special Card within the World of V ecosystem that can only be acquired by completing the entire Genesis Collection set consisting of 200 cards. It’s important to note, once a country edition number has been used to claim the Collector’s Card, that Edition cannot be used again.

This special NFT, designed by the amazing Finnish artist Jenni Pasanen, will be awarded to our most enthusiastic World of V collectors who completed the entire Genesis Card set.

The Special Collectors Card (level 9) will come in a limited edition of 50 pieces, and will boast a stunning 50k WoV initial distribution and a 500 WoV daily generation.

To make it even more fun though, the World of V team decided to add an extra kick to it: the X-Node Card will act as a wildcard, allowing collectors to replace one Genesis Card of choice!

By owning an X-Node card, you’ll be able to acquire one of the cards you’re missing to complete the set. The max amount of X-Node Cards that can be used as a wildcard is 3.

Gold Card

The Gold Card designed by FP_nfts_art

Special Card level: 1

Daily WoV generation: 20 WoV

Only available to be acquired in the marketplace

Platinum Card

PLATINUM designed by Baozi

Special Card level: 2

Daily WoV generation: 30 WoV

Only available to be acquired in the marketplace

OG Card

The OG Card designed by Circuit Eye

Special Card level: 0

Daily WoV generation: 0 WoV

Initial WoV distribution: 100 WoV

Only available to be acquired in the marketplace

Voyager Card

The Voyager Card designed by MrHate8

Special Card level: 2

Daily WoV generation: 30 WoV

Initial WoV distribution: 6k WoV

Genesis Cards required: Special VeHash + 3 Genesis cards of a specific country

Hidden among the 10k VeHashes are the 198 Special Squad VeHashes, each for one of the 198 countries featured in the Genesis Collection. By collecting a Special VeHash + 3 Genesis Cards of a specific country, you’ll receive an additional Genesis Special Card.

X-Node Card

The XNode Card designed by Circuit Eye

Special Card level: 3

Daily WoV generation: 50 WoV

Only available to be acquired in the marketplace

Moon Card (Mini-Set)

The Moon Mini Set is a special set dedicated to the only three countries to have successfully completed a landing on the Moon in the history of space exploration: Russia, USA and China. The holders of these 3 cards will receive a Special Moon Card (level 3) that will reward the collector with a 10k WoV initial distribution and a 50 WoV daily generation.
The Moon Card, designed by Sonken, will come in a limited edition of 50 pieces.
Check out this video NFT and make sure you turn up the volume!

Africa Card (Mini-Set)

The Africa Mini Set embracesthe cultural diversity of the African continent, celebrated by countless colours, languages, religions, cultures and traditions. The set will consist of 54 cards, each representing a country, and will reward the collector that completes it with a Special Africa Card (level 6) featuring a 20k WoV initial distribution and a 100 WoV daily generation. The card will come in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Olympics Card (Mini-Set)

Since the first Olympics in 776 B.C., countless generations of athletes from all over the world have aspired to excel on the biggest of the stages, and become true legends.

Many succeeded, ultimately reaching the winners podium and cementing their name in sports history. Others failed, yet managed to inspire us through their passion, commitment and dedication toward their goal, leaving a legacy behind.

The Olympic Spirit has always brought us together, despite the global challenges we continue to face, in a vibrant mix of people and cultures. Therefore, to celebrate the real power of the Olympic Flame, we introduce to you our new Mini Set!

Only 22 cards possess Olympic Rings. if you wish to become the winner, collect all the cards of countries to have hosted the Olympics Games, and you shall be rewarded!

Waiting for you at the finish line is the mesmerising Olympic Card designed by childish5D, a multidisciplinary Portuguese artist who explores trans-humanism and alternate realities, and is usually known for an alienist surrealism and colours.

Each Olympic Card will be a Level 7 Special Card, and will boast an astounding 100 WoV daily generation and a 30.000 WoV initial distribution to be airdropped to the owner.

Moreover, the Card will grant access to Level 7 of the Smart Staking Pool, and will allow you to claim 6 free VeHashes during the upcoming presale event!

Flower Card (Mini-Set)

The Flower Mini Set is a Special Set consisting of a limited number of cards (36) that incorporate a unique floral element in their design.

It could be a symbolic flower honoring a country’s values or traditions, or a rare, sought-after species blossoming in a certain region of the world: it’s up to you to find out!

The Flower Card was designed by Rose Jackson, an amazing textile artist and photographer, working with wool felt, animation & GAN.

This beautiful piece of art is a Level 5 Special Card that guarantees a daily generation of 80 WoV tokens per day!

How can I acquire the Flower Card?

To complete the Flower Set you’ll need to hold a special combination of World of V assets:

  1. 36 Genesis Cards: Andorra, Bahamas, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Comoros, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, Fiji, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Korea, Palau Romania, Samoa, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Thailand, Tuvalu, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Venezuela.
  2. 4 VeHashes with a Flower Skin (202 available in total. To find the VeHashes featuring a Floral Skin currently on sale on the marketplace, visit
  3. 5 of the 36 Genesis Cards renamed after a flower name of choice

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