The original article on World of V focused mainly on their Genesis 2021 collection and token utility, which can be found here. Here is a quick overview on the World of V Marketplace 2.0: NFT Platform


First let’s rewind to July 27th, 2021 to the World of V Grant application where the team stated, “Use Multi-clauses & Fee delegation to Pay for the creator using the platform when minting the NFTs, that’s the coolest feature we are excited about using VeChain. We hope to ease the steps of purchasing and selling by using the MTT feature (approve, transfer in one transaction using multi-clauses).”

I would say World of V, or TheCollectors as they named their team back then, have definitely eased the steps of purchasing and selling NFTs, as well cover below.

The first green, zero-cost NFT platform focusing on Art built on the VeChain blockchain #GreenNFTs.

Using the World of V NFT Platform is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Set up your wallet
    • I use both the VeChainThor mobile wallet and Desktop Sync. If you’re unfamiliar with either, there are videos to help below, or comment below, or see our wallets blog post.
  2. Create your collection (Example shown below)
    • Couldn’t be easier… After creating your wallet and signing in, click on the top right, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘create collection’ from there you will select a collection image, choose your collection name, write a brief or long description of your collection, decide if you want it visible or not, and then tah-dah, you’re done. You’ll have something like shown below. (This is all through the mobile app)
  3. Add your NFTs
    • This step is just as simple. Repeat clicking on the top right menu icon. This time at the bottom click on ‘Create NFT’. From there, you will have these choices
    • Upload file: This is the file you wish to upload. This can be a JPEG, PNG, SVG, WEBP, GIF, MP4.
    • Item Name: What do you want your NFT to be called?
    • Description: You can add a unique description of the individual NFT, you could make this the same description as the collection, or you could leave it blank. Personally, I like to have something there to read. I have found inserting URLs does in fact link to said URL. Neat!
    • Royalties: Do you want to receive a % of future sales? If so, how much? You can select between 0-25%. For comparison purposes, I believe OpenSea caps off the limit at 10%.
    • Categories: There are several categories, you can select from. These include Art, Photo, Music, Game, Collectible, Trading Card, Sport, Utility, Meme, Other.
    • Multiple Editions: How many editions do you want of this item? Do you want it to be rare and only available to 1 person? Or do you want to utilize the max supply of 100 copies? Some believe when you’re first starting out it’s good to have some of your earlier work at 100 copies in order to help spread your name. Others may believe 1/1 is the only way to go. Choose what’s right for your collection and audience.
    • Collection: Select this if the item is part of a collection and search to add it to it. You should have created this in the previous step.
    • Create NFT: After all that, you’re ready to create your NFT.

It’s also worth noting you can add a banner, profile image, and a personal description.

Walkthrough of How To Create Collection and NFT

Marketplace Desktop Experience

View a list of YouTube videos from World of V that explains how to:

  • Download a VeChain wallet
  • How to setup Sync 2
  • How to create a profile
  • How to mint an NFT
  • How to buy an NFT
  • How to sell an NFT
  • How editions work

Both VeHashes and Genesis, as you can see on the top menu bar, are separated from the main Marketplace on World of V. You can learn more about these collections in previous articles on

WoV Community X-Mas Drop

Keep an eye out for the X-Mas drop happening 12-24-2021.

There are several artists, I believe more than 40 at time of writing, that are participating in this fun community event. Prices are just 10 WoV per piece and the requirement is 100 Editions minted per. You can search, “Christmas Mega Drop 2021” in the marketplace to find them, catch them before they’re gone!

Rules are:

– 1 NFT per Artist

– 100 Editions

– Price 10 WoV

If you would like to participate, go sign-up in their discord LINK HERE

Vexchange Partnership

Just today World of V announced they partnered with @VexchangeIO to further reward our VET-WOV liquidity providers! Starting from Friday, Dec 24 00:00 UTC, WOV LP token holders will have access to a new exclusive staking pool to farm WoV tokens!


“Herakel is officially supporting the VeChain community by building a green, zero-cost marketplace called ‘World of V’ based on the VeChain. Thanks @eisenreich for the find!

Couldn’t have said it better Antonio, and I believe it will only continue to get better. If you’re reading this Antonio, I minted your name on a Genesis card if you’re interested in it 😉 You too Dimitris… and the entire steering committee (except Sunny), advisory board, Jason Rockwood, Sarah Nabaa, and others…

Features Soon to be Implemented

From the World of V post, here are Some of the features soon to be implemented :

Run reserve price auctions with a custom duration

NFTs history

Ability to choose where a user can land in a profile page (Created, On sale, Collected)

Sort, filter and search artist/collector tabs

Add an option to hide the banner in the collector / artist profile

Activity / History Tab on a user profile

Top sellers by Volume on the Homepage

CTA “show more pieces” to scale down the cards.

Implement hashtags when Minting an NFT

Email notifications for marketplace activities

Curated drops page

Verified drops page

“The ultimate goal is to create the go-to platform for digital creators and collectors to share their passion for art in a sustainable, affordable way, and we won’t stop until we get there.”


As stated in discord 12/22/2021, “you’ll be able to stake on our platform and you’ll have different options: LP staking or WOV staking. More info about both options to be released soon” I recommend you follow World of V using the links below.


If you don’t yet have a VeChain NFT, consider interacting with this twitter post, I’ll send you a free one on the World of V Marketplace.