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World of V’s goal is to create an integrated ecosystem that allows digital content creators to share their work in an engaging, fun way. Whether you’re a NFT artists or a VeFam member, their platform will offer everyone the opportunity to bring your art to life and reach a broader audience.

Wold of V is Currently consisting of one other collection that sold out in the first ten minutes.

Genesis 2021 collection represents the pillar of the World of V platform, the foundation that will enable all the moving parts to fall into place once their engine ignites.

World of V – Q4 2021 Roadmap

This week World of V said they’d deliver the 2021 Roadmap and they delivered. The first objective, VeHashes, which will release Saturday October 16th 8PM GMT+2.

VeHashes PFP project on VeChain for the VeFam community!

VeHashes is their first PFP collection of 10,000 unique NFTs featuring a fun, creative visual style. The collection celebrates the VeFam community by giving life to the beloved V’s: get ready to rock your favorite V-shaped avatar and share the love for VeChain across your social media!

Each VeHash comes with its own sparkling personality: some of them might share specific traits, but each one is different from the other. Thanks to a unique combination of designs, backgrounds, skins and special symbols, each VeHash will possess different rarity traits that will make the game super-entertaining.

The VeHashes collection consists of a set of algorithmically generated pieces of art, but to make it more fun we asked renowned artists to design a few of them, so they could add their own personal touch to the characteristic VeHash style.

VeHashes: how, where and when to get them

The sale of the VeHashes will happen in two different phases:

 • The presale will begin on Saturday October 16th 8PM GMT+2 and will be open for one week and will be reserved only for WoV NFTs owners.

The price for each VeHash will be 1800 VET.

 • The general sale event will begin after the presale ends and will be open to the public. The price for each VeHash will be 2800 VET.

During the presale event a total of 12992 WoV NFTs will be eligible to mint 10000 VeHashes on a first come first serve basis.

In order to mint your VeHashes, there will be a claiming mechanism in place to guarantee different allocations and special discounts based on the category of cards owned.

Claiming Mechanism: 

Claiming mechanism will be based on the cards held. 

OG card: Presale  access: 1 VeHash = 1800 VET

Genesis card: Presale  access: 1 VeHash = 800 VET

Special cards: Gold/Platinum/X-Node:  Receive a free VeHash

Moon Card: Receive 2 Free VeHashes 

Africa Card: Receive 5 Free VeHashes 

Olympic Card: Receive 6 Free VeHashes

Collector Card: Receive 10 Free VeHashes 

Each WoV NFT is eligible to claim only one VeHash: once a WoV NFT is used, it can’t be used to claim another VeHash.

Not clear enough? Let’s do an example.

A wallet holds 100 WoV Genesis 2021 NFTs, 2 Platinum Cards, 4 Gold Cards, 1 OG Card, 1 Xnode Card, 1 Moon Card, 1 Africa Card, 1 Collector Card and wants to use all of his cards to claim VeHashes.

1 OG = 1 VeHash at 1800 VET

100 Genesis 2021 = 100 VeHashes at 800 VET each. Tot. 80,000 VET

1 Xnode = 1 Free VeHash

4 Gold = 4 Free VeHashes 

2 Platinum = 2 Free VeHashes 

1 Moon = 2 Free VeHashes 

1 Africa = 5 Free VeHashes 

1 Collector Card = 10 Free VeHashes 

Total VeHashes Claimed :125

Total VET Spent: 81800

125 VeHashes would cost 350k VET in the general sale.

In case the presale doesn’t sell out completely, all unclaimed VeHashes will go on sale for 2800 VET each.


I see claiming starts on the 16th… so we don’t have to do ANYTHING until then right?

Nothing at all, just HODL your WoV NFT

Do we have to claim on time? Or there’s no different to claim early or later as everything gonna be random ?

You have one week to claim but there are fewer VeHases compared to WoV NFTs

This will have like a week of hatching to it similar to the genesis card I assume? Will we have rarity score by time of reveal? Also how would searching work for vehashes?

Yes we’re still defining the hatching and yes rarity is on the table, you could also spot the differences.

What’s your favorite Vehash so far?

Given that VeChain VeFam is a space themed site, it would have to be this one… And because it’s awesome. If anyone gets it, get in touch 😉

VeHashes UFO VeChain NFT Marketplace

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