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World of V VeChain’s journey around the world

World Of V unique NFT trading cards collection featuring VeChain’s journey around the world seen by the eyes of different artists. Less than 24 hours till Presale, are you registered?

The Genesis 2021 collection is a set of 200 unique NFTs, 10,000 in total at a price of 800 VET each (each with a mint number that will distinguish it from the others.), introducing a combination of digital art and collectibles with a value hierarchy determined by both the creator and the consumer of the artwork.

World of V is a unique project and the first of its kind running on the VechainThor Network. The scope of World of V, is to create a unique community that will allow the collectors to be part of an exclusive club. Holding a World of V NFT will serve as a special “ticket” to have the possibility and take part in various exclusive projects.

Each World of V NFT that generates WoV tokens, available for purchase directly on their website World of V


Core Features

Multi-clauses & Fee delegation

Uses Multi-clauses & Fee delegation to Pay for the creator using the platform when minting the NFTs, that’s the coolest feature the World of V team are excited about using VeChain.

World of V hopes to ease the steps of purchasing and selling by using the MTT feature (approve, transfer in one transaction using multi-clauses).

Project Schedule

Subscribe to Presale

You can connect to from your SYNC or Mobile Wallet browser and claim the X-Nodes special card (If you have an X-Node) and/or register to the Presale.

X-Node Special Card Claim

Only available for redemption for 2 weeks! Get it before they’re all gone. If you have an X-Node or were considering getting one in the next 2 weeks, make sure to collect this.

X-Node Cards -> Receive 10k WoV Token at the initial mint, 50 WoV per day, everyday for the next 10 years.

By owning an X-Node card, you’ll be able to acquire one of the cards you’re missing to complete the set. The max amount of X-Node Cards that can be used as a wildcard is 3. Once a X-Node Card is used as a wildcard to claim the Collectors Card, it can’t be used again to claim another one. The same applies for the Genesis 2021 cards used to claim the special cards.

In order to claim the Special Card, the collector will need to directly contact the World of V team. 

The only card better is the Genesis 2021 Collector Card

How To Buy/Sell/Trade

You can buy World of V NFTs on the website. Simply go on the homepage and scroll down to the buy button. You will also be able to purchase them on the Marketplace, which will open on Sunday September 19th at 4PM GMT +2.

Each address can purchase a maximum of 200 NFTs. This method ensures that everyone has a fair opportunity to get one or more World of V NFTs.

You will also be able to sell and trade World of V NFTs in the marketplace. The marketplace will open on Sunday the 19th 4PM GMT +2.

You will receive the NFTs in your wallet as soon as you purchase it.

You can now find World of V on the Dapp section of your VeChainThor Wallet.

Presale Benefit & Special Cards

Buying during the presale will reward collectors a special Gold card for every 25 NFTs purchased and a special Platinum card for every 50 NFTs purchased.

For example a collector who buys 100 WoV NFTs during presale will receive an additional 4 Gold cards and 2 Platinum Cards.

Special cards have multiple benefits. They will be used as a “key” to enter exclusive projects. Moreover they offer more WoV token rewards. 

Earn Special Rewards

World of V – WoV Tokens

The WoV token is the foundation of their community-driven ecosystem that will enable holders to access several features and perks. It is meant to serve as a multi-purpose token rewarding early supporters of the project and create true value for the community.

WoV token will be generated at the minting event by your World of V cards: based on the number of cards minted, each holder will receive an initial token distribution consistent with the level of the card owned, and will start generating daily WoV tokens. There are two main categories of WoV Cards: the Genesis 2021 Cards and the Special Cards.

More information on World of V’s Medium Post, “World of V Tokenomics: the beginning of our journey together

WoV token is distributed to WoV NFTs.

Normal Cards -> Receive 2k WoV Token at the initial mint, 10 WoV per day, everyday for the next 10 years.

Gold Cards -> Receive 4k WoV Token at the initial mint, 20 WoV per day, everyday for the next 10 years.

Platinum Cards -> Receive 6k WoV Token at the initial mint, 30 WoV per day, everyday for the next 10 years.

X-Node Cards -> Receive 10k WoV Token at the initial mint, 50 WoV per day, everyday for the next 10 years.

Genesis 2021 Collector Card -> Receive 50k WoV Token at the initial mint, 500 WoV per day, everyday for the next 10 years.

The collector card will be rewarded to the collectors who will complete the set of 200 different NFTs.

The Whale Collector Card in all its glory.

Whale Card World of V WoV glory Special card collector NFT

Only 50 Collectors cards will be avialble. First comes first serve.

World of V Token Generation

World of V (WoV) Token Utility

As mentioned before, along with being a reward system for their collectors, the WoV token will be the key to access several features within the World of V ecosystem, enabling a whole new level of interaction for the future releases of World of V.

NFT Farming

  • NFT Farming is the mechanism utilised to claim new NFTs drops on World of V. In order to access new collections, users will be required to own WoV NFTs. 
  • For Original World of V NFT collections and Artist collections, users will be able to access the sale using either VET or WoV tokens.
  • Collections launched by the Community will be only accessible to WoV NFT holders using WoV token.


  • The WoV marketplace will be the core of The World of V ecosystem, where new collections will be released, new project will be featured, and collectors will be able to exchange the most sought-after NFTs. 
  • Initially, the marketplace will only work with VET. A fee of 3% will be applied to each sale, of which 0.5% will be used to buy back WoV and burn it.
  • They’ll soon integrate WOV token too, with a fee of 2%.

WoV Lottery

  • Let’s be honest, we all love lottery , don’t we? WoV Lotteries will be a fun way for WoV token holders to get the chance to snag even more WoV tokens. All tokens collected through the tickets sale will be added to the Final Jackpot, which will be integrated with more tokens injected by the team (tbc).
  • 70% of the jackpot will be awarded to the prize winner, while 20% will be allocated to the dev team and 10% will be burned.


  • Staking pools will be implemented to reward WoV token holders using the tokens generated on a daily basis by the NFTs. We’re in the process of designing and finalising the staking mechanism, all details will be announced soon.

Gas Cost Fees

There are no gas fees. We will be the first art project to run on VechainThor with sponsored gas fees. Therefore our users don’t need to worry about high gas costs. 


Unlike other collectibles where the rarity of all traits is set out by the creators, the World of V artworks are unique. WoV NFTs showcase a mixture of explicit and implicit traits, with one main trait always featured, the V of Vechain. Additionally the control over what could be the rarest of all traits – the name – is given to the consumer in full extent.

Naming is commoditised via the World of V Token (WoV),which can be earned by holding the NFT and/or purchased. Each name is unique and can only belong to one NFT. Once the required WoV Tokens will be used to name the artwork, they will be burned forever.

The Genesis Collection will be broken down into the ‘core’set where each unique NFT will have 50 total copies minted (for a total of only 50 maximum complete sets possible of 200 unique NFTs). There will also be gold and platinum cards that will be rewarded during the presale.

Transfer and Checking Status

Transferring a card on World of V is quite simple, really. While in your wallet, click on manage assets, then click on the card you want to transfer, and then as you see in the picture below, click send to wallet. Form there, put in the wallet address you’d like to send to. This will cost you 100 WoV.

To check the status of a transfer, I suggest checking your wallet to see if you have any cards.

Simply connect to with your wallet and click manage assets, it will show you there all the cards that you own.

If you are using mobile, you can check the number of non-special cards, i.e. Genesis series, by clicking on collectibles. This will show up right underneath VeCommunity Awards, as seen below, “WOVsGenesisNFT” if you see stars like the below, click the eyelid to the right of “Collectibles”

To see the actual card, go into the Discover tab at the bottom, and find the WoV dApp, in there you will look at manage my assets, and you’ll see everything you own.

If after that, you don’t have the cards, double check you sent it to the correct address, if that doesn’t work, contact WoV on telegram.

The voting for The Gold & Platinum Contest has ended, and our Special Card designs are finally unveiled

Gold World of V card revealed. World Genesis.

Special Gold Card World of V

Platinum Sunny Lu World of V Card.

Platinum Sunny Lu World of V Card

World of V Mini Sets: collect, claim, get rewarded!

Introducing the World of V very first Mini Sets: the Moon Set and the Africa Set!

The Moon Set and the Africa Set are the first World of V Mini Sets that will make your experience even more engaging and rewarding. Mini Sets consist of selected countries characterized by unique features that differentiate them from the rest of Genesis 2021 cards: historical achievements, geographical features, artistic traits, you name it. Each completed mini set will reward the collector with a Special Card, with different levels, initial distributions and daily generation attributes.

The Moon Mini Set is a special set dedicated to the only three countries to have successfully completed a landing on the Moon in the history of space exploration: Russia, USA and China. The holders of these 3 cards will receive a Special Moon Card (level 3) that will reward the collector with a 10k WoV initial distribution and a 50 WoV daily generation.

The Moon Card, designed by Sonken, will come in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

World of V Moon Card special cards WoV
Moon Card

The Africa Mini Set embracesthe cultural diversity of the African continent, celebrated by countless colours, languages, religions, cultures and traditions. The set will consist of 54 cards, each representing a country, and will reward the collector that completes it with a Special Africa Card (level 6) featuring a 20k WoV initial distribution and a 100 WoV daily generation. The card will come in a limited edition of 50 pieces, and will be a BIG surprise. Get ready.

Card special cards WoV World of V Africa



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Ongoing promotion, everyone will receive an NFT from on the World of V Marketplace.


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